Aliens have been on Earth since the era of the Lindy Hop craze and they can switch our nukes off. Or maybe it’s bullshit. A whisteblower with high-level security clearance has made explosive claims about an alleged US military cover-up of a UFO retrieval and retro-engineering operation, which has collected more than a dozen alien spacecraft and dead alien pilots. US politicians, currently entranced by fake election fixing conspiracies and non-existent trans plots to corrupt America’s youth, appear to be lapping it up.

Most of us have a device in our pockets with a greater capacity than the average Hollywood studio had back in 1933 to make, edit, distribute and market moving pictures. Yet when aliens land in Vegas and start poking around peoples’ backyards, we’re still left guessing as to whether a pixelated image is an alien grey or not. UFO believers need to disable the ‘potato’ filter on their camera app on an urgent basis.

You would have thought we’d have some conclusive images of an alien or a spacecraft by now. I can believe that nuclear-armed authoritarian states like China or North Korea, or aspiring ones like Iran, can intercept and suppress images and video from their citizens’ smartphones. But India? The moment someone up a hill in Assam saw a silver ball whizzing past, you can guarantee it would be on Whatsapp and seen by a few million people an hour later.

Are the aliens terrified of the consequences of mutilating cattle in India? Or is it that with only 160 warheads in India, and Pakistan having maybe about 70, South Asia is way down the ETs’ list of places they are worried may start a global thermonuclear war? Or do non human intelligences, time travelers, assorted interdimensional shape-shifting sex pests, for some reason look down on Asia’s budding self-destructive ambitions?

Perhaps the explanation is simple and also depressing. Rather than being racists, these civilsations — far-advanced in their technology than our own and having observed us for millennia — made an evaluation some time back in the era of hot jazz, if not before then, as to which groups of hairless apes are most likely to incinerate all the other ones. That the upright monkeys most likely to kick off planetary genocides have, historically, tended to be — how to put this politely? — somewhat on the melanin-deficient side, if you get what I’m saying? The aliens aren’t racists themselves. They just have a finely calibrated take on the acculturated racism of Americans, Russians, the British and the French.

At any rate, watching the unending cycle of video podcasts and cable news discussions about what the US government may, or may not, know about UFOs… sometimes feels an awful lot like contracting a form of snow blindness. It’s enough to make you think that people of colour (the majority of humans, if we’re getting technical) may have other pressing matters on their minds than UFO cover-ups. American journalists and social media accounts adjacent to the coverage often seem to be only a couple of degrees removed from antivaxxers, borderline climate change denialism, MAGA and other conspiracy theory groups who are really, really desperate a year or so out from the 2024 US Presidential election to have proof that the “deep state” is a A Thing. (You know, the folks who tried to mount a coup in the world’s largest military and nuclear-armed state not all that long ago…)

The ubiquity of grifters and shady truth purveyors in the 2023 UFO disclosure bubble probably says more about the state of American news and broadcast media — its need to pander to the lowest, most easily bamboozled common denominator of its increasingly fragmented audience — than it does about the current UFO claims. After all, one vocal skeptic turns out to be that ‘hot babes of Occupy Wall Street’ guy. (Wow remember that? Now that was some bullshit). How very dare a Pentagon whistleblower hang up on The New York Post, the journal of record? The Douche-from-Crazy-Ira-and-The-Douche-looking-dude is the embodiment of journalistic integrity and the fourth estate, a pillar of democracy and an open society if that pillar has never worn something which has been ironed.

The weirdness is also bipartisan. It’s widely assumed that the current UFO revelations are part of a longer term psyop. It may combine concealment of the development of new military aircraft and weapons, a grift to get the US tax-payer to underwrite an investigation of UFO claims that the investigators are creating the whistleblower evidence of — while also making TV shows, setting up foundations and appearing at conferences to talk to one another about the claims — and a message to presidents Putin, Xi and their inner circles of apparatchiks to fuck around and find out.

The problem, though, for skeptics (and I count myself as one) is that the size and complexity of the psyop is now getting so big that — as the old adage goes about it being far easier to go to the Moon than it would be to fake it — it’s getting to the point where it would be easier to find some alien spacecraft, shoot them down and try to retroengineer them, than it would be to fake UFOs. The whistleblower went through the right channels before speaking out and will have perjured himself if he knowingly gave false testimony to Congress, for example. That seems quite unlikely. He appears to have no motive to blow his apparently good reputation, straight out of government service. Having said that, there is a recent precedent for someone with high level security clearance in the US Department of Defense claiming to have ample evidence of implausible conspiracies. This new source has no firsthand evidence of crashed craft or dead aliens. He could, simply, be credulous and led by malign friends and former colleagues.

It’s been surprising over recent years to see the number of credible film-makers, studios and streaming platforms old enough to know better, adding to the giant bin of UFO documentaries with scary jump-cut editing and disturbing graphics masquerading as factual reportage. It feeds the overall mood of paranoia about deep states and “elites” pushed by contemporary media and populist politicians, and which Trump and Brexiters in the UK were happy to leech off. The far right of politics doesn’t have the exclusive rights to this Manichean good vs. evil vibe. It also has its roots in the anti-globalisation movement of the 1990s, the basically progressive-leaning X-Files and Twin Peaks era of pop culture (liberal up to a point…) and more recent crank and extremist activism on the left. However, the mood that the government is hiding vast secrets from us seems to confirm the biases of the Steve Bannons of the world more than those of the AOCs and Maddows. It’s in tune with Alex Jones’s and Bannon’s kind of out of breath, bloviated, Christopher Nolan fanboy “American carnage” snake oil pitch. The screamed rhetoric of an overweight white January 6th rioter, armed with wrong information, angry at the many disappointments of their middle-aged lives, looking for meaning and purpose in all the wrong places.

In the highly unlikely scenario that these current claims are proven to be true, that the US military secretly has a dozen or more recovered alien vehicles, then one stunning conclusion is that the American government on some level is suppressing exotic ways to generate energy which could prevent the Earth’s climate from getting dangerously hot. This over-heating will have catastrophic consequences for most of the human race. Something which — unlike the existence of aliens — you can prove is happening with facts. That, surely, would make America potentially liable to pay out vast damages to the rest of the world?

Based on the available evidence we are alone but experienced from within our silos, 2024 is still going to be wild.

This blog post was written by an AI.